Incredible Woodworking Projects to Teach Kids About

Woodworking Projects to Teach Kids About

Woodworking is a hobby that can be fun for both the young and the old. This is partly because there are so many interesting and different projects and crafts that can be made in woodworking. That being said, however, it can be concluded that some woodworking crafts and projects will appeal more to certain age groups than others. For example, the younger generation of woodworkers, such as kids, will likely not have as much knowledge or experience as the older generation of woodworkers and so these kids will probably enjoy simpler and quicker to make woodworking crafts and projects.

Incredible Woodworking Projects to Teach Kids About

Here are some incredible woodworking projects to teach kids about. The projects mentioned here are easy to make and don’t require a ton of skill which will allow the youngest woodworkers to make them properly and they will feel proud as a result. Also, the projects mentioned here can be personalized so that each kid will get to show off their individuality. As a last note, the projects mentioned here are interactive too because what kid doesn’t like to play?!


Since a standard dollhouse is typically a simple square structure when you consider the basic format, this woodwork craft is the perfect project to start with for the absolute youngest and inexperienced beginners and will teach the basic skills of woodworking. Also, a dollhouse can be for any sized doll too which allows each kid to participate in the process and use once they are done making this easy craft. By making a dollhouse, young kids will be able to learn how to use simple tools such as a hammer and nails and older kids who have more experience in woodworking can advance to drills and screws.

In effect, kids will learn how to use a powered or scroll saw to cut the wood depending on what they are comfortable with handling as well as how experienced they are. As a final note, a dollhouse can have as many rooms and features as your kid seems fit which means that this wonderful woodwork craft project can grow with your kid and keep them entertained for ages. See here

Sliced Wood Art

If you want to teach your kid about woodworking projects and crafts using raw, natural and untreated wood then sliced wood art is the way to go. Sliced wood art projects and crafts can include coasters, pendants for necklaces, miniature furniture, an alternative Christmas wreath and many more options that require some research online through searching up art inspired websites as well as a hint of creativity.

Therefore, with the wide array of sliced wood art projects and crafts, there is bound to be one particular assignment to excite anyone which will keep your kids engaged. Many sliced wood art projects and crafts require the use of a rotary saw or hand saw which gives the perfect opportunity to teach kids about how to use these powerful machines safely and correctly.

Rube Goldberg Machine

For anyone who doesn’t know, a Rube Goldberg machine is a series of structures that move in a way to complete a simple task with extra steps. Consequently, a Rube Goldberg machine can be an amazing woodwork craft project to do with kids. A Rube Goldberg machine can do any task with any amount of different steps which allows each kid to build one based on their interests and skill level.

Also, a Rube Goldberg machine can include simple structures, which will only require simple tools such as a hammer or chisel for younger and inexperienced woodworkers, or a Rube Goldberg machine can use complex structures which will allow older and higher-skilled woodworkers the chance to use trickier tools such as power saws and drills. As a side note, a Rube Goldberg machine will teach your kid on how to plan a woodworking project effectively.

Toy Vehicles

Toy vehicles can include wooden trucks, cars, trains and specifically anything with wheels. By teaching your kids on how to make wooden toy vehicles you can teach them about the science behind the workings of an axle and wheel system. Also, everyone knows that you can’t have square wheels so a toy vehicle project is a perfect opportunity to teach your kid how to cut non-linear pieces of wood using a powered hand saw. Just remember to let your kid choose what vehicle they want to make so that they stay interested in the project. 


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